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Privacy policy Morningstar Pharma

Morningstar Pharma strives to create a safe and reliable ordering system for all its clients. At Morningstar Pharma we think that safeguarding your privacy is very important. We only use your personal data to process your order. Personal data will not be distributed to third parties and will only be used for other purposes with your explicit permission.

On this page you can find the privacy policy that Morningstar Pharma adheres to.

1. Use and processing of personal data

To process your order, we need some personal data. This data will be registered and stored and used for processing your order and, if necessary, for contacting customer support.

Your data will be used by Morningstar Pharma for communication purposes and advertisements. This means that we will send you information about our products and special offers. Morningstar Pharma only uses email advertising to the extent that this is legally permitted. If you do not wish to receive these emails you can contact our customer support service. In addition, we sometimes save information and messages you send to us regarding your order. This is necessary in order for us to offer you the best service possible. Your data is always stored in a safe manner and will not be shared with third parties.

Morningstar Pharma saves customer data such as URL, IP address, browser type, language, time and date of the visit. This data is saved in connection with customer safety and are deleted from our system automatically after 7 days.

2. Sharing your personal data

Morningstar Pharma will only share your personal data with parties that are directly involved in processing your order. If the law or legislation requires us to disclose your personal data, government-, regulatory or law enforcing institutions can use your data. Morningstar Pharma will never pass on your data to third parties such as commercial parties.

3. Cookies

Morningstar Pharma only uses Cookies that are necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the Wholesale ordering system.

4. Copyright

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All texts, photographs, images, illustrations on this website/services and products are the exclusive property of Morningstar Pharma and are protected by copyright. You may use these prints for private use, but a wider distribution is only permitted after consent of Morningstar Pharma.